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Dryer Vent System Inspection and Service

Dryer Vent System Cleaning & Inspection

Is it time to clean your dryer vent Here are some signs you need a professional vent cleaning service: Your dryer and clothes get extremely hot. Your clothes take longer than usual to dry. Your dryer smells like burning fibers while in use. We can clean your dryer vent system to eliminate the risk of lint build-up which can lead to fires when temperatures ignite blocked lint. We repair and/or install dryer vent systems as well. We also install bird/rodent guards for dryer vent systems to prevent birds and rodents from entering your home through your dryer vent. Dryer vent system…

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Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide: The Silent Killer

Now that winter is in full swing, you should be ensuring you and your family are safe when using your fireplace. Carbon monoxide is a poison of high risk that you cannot smell, see or taste, but it is deadly. Carbon monoxide enters the body through the lungs and is transported through the blood. Carbon monoxide keeps the blood from transporting oxygen to the tissues of the body. Oxygen is essential to the functioning of the heart and the brain; lack of it can be fatal. Unless a house is totally electric your family has a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Burning kerosene, oil, natural gas,…

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Hurricanes Chimney Safety

Hurricanes, Tropical Storms and Chimneys Inspections

When Hurricane Season starts we want to bring your attention to the importance of having your chimney inspected after a hurricane. 5 Star Clean Inc. can repair and replace caps or top pans damaged by falling trees or branches as well as repair damage to the chimney itself. The severe wind combined with the saturated ground can cause a chimney to rotate away from a building where the chimney and roof meet. Even if there’s no visible exterior damage, it’s vital to have a level II inspection of the chimney to ensure there are no internal cracks that could allow noxious gasses.

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Summer Chimney Maintenance

Summer Is Never Too Early For Chimney Maintenance

Homeowners with a fireplace have been told about the importance of having their chimney system cleaned annually and a large portion acknowledges the importance and make an annual inspection and cleaning part of their yearly to-do list. Yet some homeowners deprioritize chimney maintenance until the colder weather sets in. Scrambling to make their appointments so they can start using their fireplaces they realize the wait time involved in scheduling the appointment and actually having the work completed. Some homeowners, due to their impatience, will settle for a non-certified chimney company.

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Fireplace Season is Coming Up Fast

Fireplace Season is Coming Up Fast!

Dropping temperatures signal fireplace season is coming up. Many homeowners wait until just before the first fire of the season to get their chimneys checked out. Fall and winter are the busiest seasons for chimney service companies. Don’t get stuck on the waiting list. One benefit of a chimney sweep and inspection is that it can uncover hazards in your chimney and fireplace. It’s important to keep your chimney system operating safely. Use the orange form to schedule your chimney sweep and inspection today. 5 Star Clean is a locally owned and operated Chimney and Dryer Vent Cleaning Service.

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