Part of the reason to clean your chimney is because of the potential hazards that may occur when you don't have it cleaned. Without proper maintenance, heating systems can be dangerous because they often either cause fires or release toxic gases into your living areas that can cause serious damage, illness, or even death. A regular cleaning of your chimney can help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, and can help to prevent chimney and house fires.

When tar and soot from wood and fuel burning build up in your chimney, they must be removed by a chimney professional. Many new homes have a problem with chimney deterioration because modern heating appliances are more efficient than they have ever been, but the excess condensation they create cause more blocked chimneys than ever before. It's important that every household have a regular checkup from a certified sweep.

When creosote in your chimney ignites, the chimney fire might not be noticed at first. Some fires that occur have enough ventilation that they will cause smoke and noise enough to be noticed; others burn so slowly and reach such high temperatures that they quietly damage chimney and surrounding structures or may suddenly start other areas of the house on fire. These fires are usually preventable through regular, professional cleanings.

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  • Dryer Vent Cleaning I could not be happier. Just the education was worth the price. I'm sure he easily extended the life of my dryer let alone alleviating the obvious fire hazard being created in the vent. Also very neat and clean. Highly recommend!!
    Denise E. in Oviedo, FL Clean Dryer Vent
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